AIA, Agricola Italiana Alimentare

Aia, Agricola Italiana Alimentare, part of Veronesi Group company, is one of the leading European companies selling fresh chicken, turkey, pork and rabbit, along with a wide range of gastronomic and poultry products.

Based in Verona, Italy, AIA is the number one producer of fresh poultry meat in Europe (Source: Rabobank International - October 2008).

In Italy, AIA holds the 30% share of the beef and chicken market, as well as 50% for the turkey, 23% for sausages and 45% for the sliced poultry meat.

With a turnover of 1,531 million Euros in 2010 and more 5,000 employees, AIA is the main company of the Group.

11% of its turnover is generated in international markets, with an established presence in Germany, Austria, France, Greece, Holland, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The problem

The group owns several manufacturing facilities that require constant guard and patrol services.

Shifts are subject to a number of restrictions: maximum number of hours per week, maximum number of days worked in a row, fair distribution of workload, preferences for some specific shifts/sites. Workforce planning was a long and complex task.

Those constraints were a tough job to manage for the person in charge, who was already very busy with different tasks.

Without the help of software tools, it took this person almost 3 work days every month to come up with a plan which was barely satisfactory.

The solution

When the software application Euplan-S was properly configured, the monthly work plan was automated to 90% and the time of preparation was reduced from 3 days to 15 minutes.

Additional benefits were obtained: a better quality and rotation of services, as well as a verification of the administrative consistency of the working plan.

Kedk’s Euplan-S software showed the functionality, usability and flexibility needed to produce the desired solution.

Luciano De Zen

"There is no comparison between the old and the new way of working. The use of Euplan-S has greatly improved the speed and quality of surveillance service planning."


  • Drastic reduction of the preparation and of the maintenance time needed for the monthly shift-schedule
  • Fair distribution of workload among the staff
  • Improved rotation of guards
  • Better check of labour and trade union constraints
  • Increased employee satisfaction
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