NTA srl

NTA srl is an Italian company based in Rome active in the service sector. It operates as partner in helping companies and organizations to manage support activities, i.e. those activities not strictly related to the core business of the customer.

The NTA has particular experience in building:

  • Information Systems.
  • Network management.
  • Technical solutions to security problems.
  • Solutions for encryption and data transmission.

Founded in 1986, the NTA has grown steadily over time, up to over 350 employees in 2010 in the areas of Lazio and Cosenza.

Since 2010, the NTA operates in Hungary through the sister company Eurotraining kft.

The problem

The NTA manages the booking call centres (CUP) of several hospitals in Italy.

The work schedule of a CUP shows a large number of constraints:

  • Large number of sites.
  • Large number of services
  • Large number of operators.
  • Wide variety in the number of hours to cover for site and service.
  • Several criteria for selecting the proper staff.
  • Maximum number of hours per week for each operator.
  • Maximum number of days worked for each operator.
  • Days of availability vary for each operator.

Without the aid of a software tool, the schedule was a complex problem solved only by well skilled and committed staff working for many hours.

For a long time NTA kept searching for a tool that would lessen the burden of scheduling.

The solution

With Kedk’s product Euplan-Solver, a user can turn the workplan rules into a software model using the language Euplan-Script.

After testing the correctness of the script, the model can be reused anytime later, saving considerable time.

Euplan-Solver by Kedk LLC offered the required functionality, usability and flexibility to produce the required solution.


  • Safe check of covered services.
  • Safe check of contract rules.
  • Quick change of unscheduled absences.
  • Better distribution of workload.
  • Export of data to payroll application
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