Fondazione IRCCS Cà Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico

The IRCCS Foundation, Cà Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, better known as the “Ospedale Maggiore” or “Polyclinic of Milan” is the oldest hospital in Milan.

The Foundation employs about 3500 people, is a center of excellence for research and treatment of many diseases, and holds scientific relationships with some of the most important universities in the world.

The Foundation has about 1000 regular hospital beds, 160 beds for Day Hospital (DH) and Day Surgery (DS). In 2010, 100,467 accesses were recorded in the emergency departments of the Foundation, with 37,586 discharges and 25,296 accesses in DH and DS. In the same period 468,668 visits were made at the hospital health centres.

The problem

The monthly schedule of medical doctors must cover clinic activities and emergency services ensuring a fair distribution of the workload such as the number of worked shifts, number of worked nights and number of worked weekends.

The shifts are subject to a number of constraints that make the planning of the medical staff a long and complex task.

The work plan was traditionally prepared by a medical doctor called to solve a hard puzzle, stealing time from his busy schedule.

With no software tool to help, this person took several days to complete a work plan that was barely acceptable.

The solution

Once Kedk’s software product Euplan-S was properly configured, the monthly schedule was automated to 99%, and the time of preparation of the work plan was shrunk to a few minutes.

As additional benefits, a special report certifies the degree of fairness and administrative consistency of the provided workplan.

Kedk’s software product Euplan-S offered the required functionality, usability and flexibility to produce the required solution.

  • Benefits
  • Drastic reduction in preparation time and monthly maintenance of the workplan.
  • Fair distribution of workload among the staff.
  • Better service rotation.
  • Safe check of administrative and trade union rules.
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