The company Parfumania sells top perfume brands through its network of outlets around the country, in Lazio, Umbria, Molise, Abruzzo, Campania, Puglia and Basilicata.

The group has 26 stores with the Estasi brand in 7 regions, 12 provinces and 23 cities.

Parfumania uses sophisticated, state of the art marketing strategies:

  • It has an attractive web site where visitors can find out about the Estasi chain, about brands being sold and about special events and promotions, as well as about the exclusive services available to customers who sign up for the company’s fidelity plan.
  • Estasi perfumeries also sponsor an annual contest (broadcast by the main TV networks and featured in a number of magazines) to find a prize-winning testimonial. The contest involves casting sessions at the company’s outlets around the country.
  • Parfumania has a proactive presence on the main social networks, designed to raise the brand’s visibility and appeal to young consumers.

The sales policy is based on customer satisfaction and retention, the selection and training of skilled, professional staff, and the provision of high quality products and services.

Constant attention to customer needs and changes in fashion and society has enabled the company to anticipate public tastes and needs.

The problem

With the rising number of outlets being located far from the company’s Mignano Monte Lungo headquarters, managers have recognised the need to control the opening hours of each site remotely and in real time.

The sight of a locked and shuttered shop door minutes after the store is supposed to be open is not only bad for the company image, it’s also a breach of the contract that governs the activities of the store within the mall, and is often punished by a fine.

Classic attendance-tracking devices that were tested were found to be less than ideal. They did not provide real-time reading and often required on-site maintenance. In addition, the printing and maintenance of magnetic badges proved to be laborious and expensive.

The solution

With Euplan-W software now installed on the company servers, employees can punch in and out at all sites.

Managers verify from remote, and in real time, that stores open on time.

A biometric reader does away with the need for badges.

Another benefit is that managers can post messages to all employees or to a restricted number of employees. The messages are read when employees punch in.

Employees can use Euplan-W to apply for leave or holidays and to notify missed punches.

Kedk’s Euplan-W software has demonstrated the functionality, usability and flexibility needed to produce the desired solution.


  • Real-time acquisition of in/out punches made by all employees
  • Validation and real-time acquisition of permit applications made by all employees
  • Automatic Reconciliation of punches with shifts
  • Automatic data transfer to payroll program
  • Improved communication with staff
  • Lower costs for processing payroll
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